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Sunday Schools and Bible Study

PUMC offers several different opportunites throughout the year to develop a deeper understanding of Gods Love. We have an adult Sunday school class, a childrens Sunday school class and also an indepth Bible Study on Wednesdays (am & pm) that is an 8-12 week study deeper into the word of the Lord.
Sunday School classes

The adult Sunday School classes meet before service, at 9:30 am. 

The children's Sunday School classes meet after praise, during worship. 

We provide education in a One Room approach, where the students learn to help each other and foster relationships. We use the Cokesbury Deep Blue curriculum.  

There are mutiple teachers that provide instruction that includes but is not limited to: videos, crafts, and hands-on reinforcement. 

Be with God

Love God and neighbor

Understand yourself as a child of God

Explore faith and the Bible

Our Mission: Reaching, empowering, and equipping children, and those who care for them, with grace-based resources that help them on the journey to:

-understand themselves as children of God

-explore and deepen their relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and

-love and serve God and neighbor

Wednesday Bible Study

Led by Pastor Richard Young


Since its introduction in 1987, DISCIPLE Bible Study has made a significant difference in the lives of thousands of participants throughout the world.


-- a program of disciplined Bible Study aimed at developing strong Christian leaders.


-- the fellowship of the small group


-- provides the key to renewal in the church.


-- gives Old and New Testaments equal time,


-- draws upon the work of scholars to aid understanding


Developed specifically for those whose plates are full, yet sense their hearts aren't, Disciple Fast Track is a brand-new option that makes room.


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